A Friend At Citibank Discovers The Emperor’s Walk

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(ARTICLE) I am very happy with my banker at Citibank. He has managed my account very productively. On a recent visit he asked me about my latest undertakings. I explained the Emperor’s Walk to him and gave him a customized map.

 A week later I spoke with him. He had given up coffee because he had more than enough energy and was effortlessly loosing weight. A few weeks later I came into the bank to see him. He walked right by me and I did not greet him until he happily greeted me. He had lost so much weight that I did not recognize him!  

It is easy for me to talk about these unusual acomplishments but the only thing I have to gain by sharing this information with you at this time is to hopefully help you and your friends lead a happier and healthier life full of abundance.

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