My experience with serious situations


In the course of my practice, the Emperor’s Walk has been really amazing.

A note about a very sad situation. I have seen people who have been deeply depressed. If you think about hurting yourself please call 1-800-273-8255.

You must seek professional help.

It is my experience that the “Emperor’s Walk” really assists people in a significant way who are in need of better feelings about their situation and themselves.

So many people today experience deep depression over the problems of life. If you have a feeling of hopelessness I encourage you to try the Emperor’s Walk. It has been very helpful to them. I also absolutely encourage you to seek immediate medical assistance from professionals who have direct experience with this type of problem. I do not pretend to know all the complexities of people’s lives but I do want to help in any small way I can and in my experience doing the walks in addition to seeking professional help is very useful in this condition.  My FengShui Client Jane is one example. You can see her story in testimonials.

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