Want quit smoking, alcohol or drugs?


Want quit smoking, alcohol or drugs? Please do “The Emperor’s Walk”

I have a FengShui client who bought a bankrupt Chinese restaurant in Queens, New York. After I redid his restaurant’s FengShui, his business prospered.

After a while, because so many people came to his restaurant, he felt a need to smoke one cigarette after another to keep his energy level high while he cooked dishes. I suggested my “Emperor’s Walk”. A few days later, he called me, and told me he wanted to quit smoking (after smoking for over 20 years). He explained that after doing the “Emperor’s Walk”, he was full of energy the whole day without smoking and he felt cigarettes tasted funny… not like before when he was desperate for a cigarette.

So if you, your family or friends want to quit smoking, alcohol or drugs, for any reason and cannot succeed, please try “ZhiHai’s Emperor’s Walk”. I am sure that can help you mentally and physically.

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