Want To Succeed… Do “The Emperor’s Walk”


The Emperor’s Walk when followed daily will help you succeed in many areas of business and life.

Under certain circumstances I consult with my clients who have unique needs. For example, if you have important business negotiations, law suits, new ventures, employment opportunities which are all competitive and like war, use the Emperor’s Walk.

I have put a special section called “specialized power” on this site under the menu heading “Get Ultimate Power” for more about this special area. Also please read Mr. Leslie’s story below.

Mr. Leslie’e story;

“My name is Mr. Leslie. I was a successful businessman for many years but recently fell on hard times because of the economy and because my employer’s company had bad fortune.

I came to Zhi Hai for advice. How could I succeed with so much working against me. I had no leverage with my situation. What could I possibly do. It was not my fault or my employers. She suggested the Emperor’s Walk and gave me special instructions for certain times of the day which gave me positive advantage when dealing with people I worked with. She gave me special instructions for meetings, negotiations, presentations.

This is very important in business. Many people say “business is war” and like HuangDi, if you are at war you must use the special knowledge of the “Emperor’s Walk”. I used the techniques she taught me and successfully negotiated a new situation, am in the middle of several multi-million dollar deals and have unlimited energy where I had none before.”

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