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You are about to experience a complete change in your sense of power. The Emperor’s Walk is often referred to as “Outdoor FengShui” and was used by every Emperor of China for the last 5,000 years to assure maximized power, health and wealth.

You do the walk when you first leave your house in the morning. You only need to do it once a day. It is simple and does not have to be strenuous.

This post contains all the information you need to do each day’s walk. Just follow these three simple steps:

Outdoor feng shui emperors-walk-example


Step 1.

Get your FREE custom map ( GET MAP it’s good forever) and look up the direction to walk based on the chart at the top of this post. The walk improves health, wealth and happiness (see our testimonials). Note: The letters refer to sector directions which are marked on your map. N=North, S=South… etc.

Step 2.

Take a look at the chart at the top of this post. It has several time zones based on when you first walk outside. For example, if you get up between 5-7 AM (regular world time) then your very best walk is in the BLUE sections of the chart…. S…. just walk in that sector when you leave the house (you can get your custom map by clicking on the GET MAP or the menu item at the top of this page).

Don’t walk in the RED …NE… “dead door” direction as that indicates a bad luck direction for that time period on that day.

Step 3.

Just walk or drive in the best sectors.

If you get up later look up the appropriate time sector on the red chart.

All feng shui practices have the potential to really improve your life. Some other forms I practice are residential feng shui, commercial feng shui and office feng shui.

For more detailed information see “Do the Walk” or “Frequently Asked Questions

MORE Daily Information: Is this your Auspicious Day?

What Is An Auspicious Day and Why is it So Important to You

Every Day has unique levels of energy that affect daily outcomes. Good days, bad days. We have all had them. Or short time periods where things seem to just “click”. Everything’s going great.

This relates to what we call “Auspicious Days” and almost ALL chinese people attempt to do important things (like getting married, starting a new job, moving into a new house) on “good” auspicious days and at “good” auspicious times of the day.

Today’s Auspicious Day Info:

Auspicious Days are based on your birthdate and the relationship of that date to the universe each day. Therefore you must know your Chinese astrological birthday sign (animal sign)

If you want to check your Chinese Zodiac birthday sign CLICK HERE

Today is 癸亥日: Water Pig Day: good day for Rabbit, Sheep and Tiger. Not so good for Snake. Today’s best time zones are: 7am—9am, 11am—1pm, 7pm—9pm, 9pm—11pm. Today’s good time zones: 1am—3am, 1pm—3pm.

Auspicious day information differs from Emperor’s Walk but is also important to be aware of when planning your day’s activities and accomplishments.

General Auspicious Day Info: Any Day

In addition to the daily information mentioned above, the below auspicious day information is more generalized for all days and is based on the “Qi Men Dun Jia” black and yellow 12 time zones (奇門遁甲日盤「黃道、黑道十二吉凶時辰」. Remember. I am always available to discuss any of these topics with you. Please write me at zhihaifs@hotmail.com .

This information is also good for your daily life organization and planning.

Generally speaking you can use the below information to get an overview of basic Auspicious day information based on your sign but always pay more attention to Todays Auspicious Day Info.

  • Zodiac rat: avoid horse day and horse hour 11am—1pm (DLS 12pm—2pm)
  • Zodiac cow: avoid sheep day and sheep hour 1pm—3pm(DLS 2pm—4pm)
  • Zodiac Tiger: avoid Monkey day and monkey hour 3pm—5pm (DLS 4pm—6pm)
  • Zodiac Rabbit: avoid rooster day and rooster hour 5pm—7pm (DLS 6pm—8pm)
  • Zodiac dragon: avoid dog day and dog hour 7pm—9pm (DLS 8pm –10pm)
  • Zodiac snake: avoid pig day and pig hour 9pm—11pm (10pm –12 am)
  • Zodiac horse: avoid rat day and rat hour 12am—1am. 11pm—12am (DLS 12am—2am)
  • Zodiac sheep: avoid cow day and cow hour 1am—3am (DLS 2am—4am)
  • Zodiac monkey: avoid tiger day and tiger hour 3am—5am (DLS 4am—6am)
  • Zodiac rooster: avoid rabbit day and rabbit hour 5am—7am (DLS 6am—8am)
  • Zodiac dog: avoid dragon day and Dragon hour 7am—9am (DLS 8am—10am)
  • Zodiac pig: avoid snake day and snake hour 9am—11am (DLS 10am—12pm)

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