Five Elements Feng Shui Based Power Jewelry

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five elements Jewelry featureMaster Zhi Hai has created a unique and very powerful line of Five Elements jewelry based on the principles of Feng Shui. These beautiful pieces hold tremendous power and are designed to optimize the wearer’s energy and harmony with the five elements of the universe.

No other jewelry compares to the care and attention this magical jewelry possesses. Each piece is custom made to exactly match the wearer’s birth date. Each piece is cleansed with special bath solution to prepare for the wearer. Zhi Hai wears special white cotton gloves to protect the piece so it is not touched by anyone other than the wearer.

You can read all about this jewelry (Chinese text) here (Zhi Hai’s Five Elements Power Jewelry) or you can see samples of the line on her site which is in development. These pieces were originally created as special gifts for mothers on mother’s day. If the text describes a mothers day gift you should know that this jewelry is timeless and appropriate for any occasion. See it at


Note: These pieces are especially powerful if you provide the wearer’s birth date. They are then custom designed using the finest crystals, semi-precious stones and most powerful combinations of colors and aura.


  1. vijay says:

    dear madam ,
    I am very much interested in power walk for my improvement of business and health kindly guide with regards

    • Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

      The walk can really help you in many aspects of your life. Health, wealth and happiness. I have many examples of people whose life has been improved. Please click on todays’s walk section and read how to use the walk. Go to the FREE map section and put your info in to get the free map. We do not keep your private info. If you have any further question email me at Good luck.

    • Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:


      Thank you so much for your question. In reviewing many many comments I realized your question was unanswered. I will reach out personally via email.

      Best always

      FengShui Master Zhi Hai

  2. Meg says:


    Your 2 emails bounced back, I would like to ask regarding days and hours which Not auspicious to use :

    Zodiac horse: avoid rat day and rat hour 12am—1am. 11pm—12am (DLS 12am—2am)

    Please advise if zodiac horse should avoid time between 11 PM to 12 AM ? that long ? then how we can go to work ?

    Thank you,


    • Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

      Hi Meg.

      In reviewing many comments (a few thousand (oh Boy) I came across your question and so apologize for not responding sooner. I will reach out via email and we can chat re your questions re: zodiac and 2016.


      FengShui Master Zhi Hai

  3. Yolanda says:

    Can you please tell me where I can order the five element jewelry with the wearers birthdate?

    Thank you and Happy New Year

    • Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

      Please reach out to me at . I am so very grateful for your interest and regret that I was not toild about your interest in a timely fashion. Best regards and blessings.

  4. Yolanda says:

    Can you please tell me where I can order the five element jewelry with the wearers birthdate?

    Thank you and Happy New Year

  5. shariff says:

    Helo madam I want to get powerfull wear lucky.can u help me how

  6. silvia abare says:

    Good morning my name is Sylvia abare and I am looking for the money frog that you have on your video the big fat one I am interested in I’m trying to make my life in better where I can have money and happiness and all the good luck that I need please answer my question and if you need to talk to me just email me at

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