Feng Shui Money Frog (English and Chinese Video)

Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai describes The traditional use of the beautiful Money Frog in Chinese culture and traditional Feng Shui practice. This beautiful, heavy Frog is designed to bring the owner great wealth and success .

Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai is a Chinese Architect, Feng Shui Master, Teacher, lecturer, radio and TV host specializing in structural energy and proper Feng Shui. She is a Metaphysics Master and was given the name Zhi Hai by a Budist Monk in Tibet during her formal studies. Zhi Hai stands for “Sea of Knowledge”. Her Chinese blog has been published for many years at http://www.fengshuimasterzhihai.com . Her ground breaking studies of the powers of the first Emperor of China and the legendary secrets passed down from Emperor to Emperor until late in the twentieth century can be found at http://www.emperorswalk.com


  1. Carlton says:

    Dear ZhiHai
    I am trying to learn Feng Shui, I saw your video on the three legged
    Frog and Iwould like to learn the Incantation and Mantra and what day and how to use it.Thank you Carlton

  2. Jimmy Lim says:

    I am very interested in the money frog. How can I get one like yours?

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