Covid 19 and Emperor’s Walk – How it can help your immune system

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Since February I have been watching the terrible tragedy facing the world with the pandemic. Importantly I have adjusted my way of life dramatically in these last few months and keenly observed certain practices that enhance my immune system and ability to live comfortably in this era of sheltering in place and social/self-distancing. These two practices can take a serious toll on our sense of well being, our emotional spirit, and our susceptibility to this terrible virus.

One observation I have made is the fact that the Emperor’s walk each day enhances my energy and the universal power is a strong deterrent to illness. We all know exercise builds our immune system. But it is so easy for us to become stagnant, staying home and not exercising. Some of the side effects of this social behavior include weight gain, poor eating habits, loss of muscle and especially a weakened immune system and spirit. We must fight this. Walking for just 15-30 minutes a day in the right direction fights all of these problems. Walking in a direction that is most powerful universally is even more important.

I find the hours from 10 AM – 12 Noon the best time to walk (observe your time zones on the charts). On sunny days the sun is strong and purifying. The weather warm and comfortable. Now, as we get close to summer, the afternoon walks work well too. I discourage walking in the evening during this period of high alert.

Since I began providing the Emperor’s walk many years ago as my gift to our world so many people have come to me and expressed its powerful effect. People’s lives have changed for the better. I encourage you to try it. It costs nothing, I provide it free to anyone who wants it and it works.

Just remember… when you do it try to be aware of social distancing safe practices and by all means wear a mask if you can for your safety and the safety of others. When this virus has passed we can all take off our masks and breath in the powerful universal energy but for now… safety first. Please observe the effects of the wind. It is best on very windy days to exercise in your home. The wind can carry the virus much further than the suggested 6 feet so be alert and aware and walk on beautiful calm days.

Getting a “chill” is very bad for your immune system so be especially careful indoors to always keep your feet warmly covered with comfy heavy socks or slippers. You want to keep your yang high. And early sleep increases your Yin. Both very important to good health. Too many people become ill because they walk around the house during these changing seasons barefoot. Not a good idea. If you do get a sudden chill I encourage you to immediately drink some hot tea and by all means avoid cold drinks, especially drinks that have come from your refrigerator. Very bad idea during these seasonal changes.

I wish you all health and happiness. I pray for all of you and feel your love every day.

Peace and love

ZhiHai (Zee Hi)

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