2021 How to hide from TaiSui Clash? English. (See Chinese Version if you prefer)

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Every year the universe has certain kinds of energy. This energy can be very beneficial for some people (based on their astrological sign) and certain zodiac signs can be harmed by this energy. Depending on your sign you may wish to be hidden from the Tai Sui during the beginning of the year.  

Who needs to hide from TaiSui Clash?

The five zodiacs (Cow, Sheep, Dragon, Dog, Horse) need to hide from TaiSui Clash.   

When is the time to hide?

The first time to be hidden from TaiSui Clash is February 3rd , 2021,  11pm—Feb 4th 2021, 1:00 AM. (just 2 hours)

Second time to hide from TaiSui Clash is February 11th  , 2021,  11pm—Feb 12th 2021, 1:00 am.  (just 2 hours)


How to hide from TaiSui Clash?

Close doors and windows. You need to be alone (no other person in the same room). Close curtain, and lights, meaning do not see the three kinds of light, Sun light, moon light and stars light. You may avoid electric lights also.

打坐3Precautions to take to hide from 2021 TaiSui Clash: (remember these are for 2 hours only on two different days)

On the day (time) you are hidden from TaiSui Clash, avoid contact with people or animals whose zodiac sign is against you. In 2021 examples would be:

  • A person whose Zodiac is Cow, cannot be in contact with the person whose Zodiac is Sheep, or animal Sheep.
  • The person whose Zodiac is Horse cannot be in contact with the person whose Zodiac is Rat.
  • The person whose Zodiac is Dragon when hidden in a room, cannot have a Dog in the same room, and cannot be in contact with the person whose Zodiac is Dog.
  • The person who is Sheep cannot see a person whose sign is a Cow.
  • A person who is a Dog cannot see a person who is a Dragon.

Also avoid funerals, sick people, or attend memorial services. Do not visit a woman who is in labor or has been in labor in that month,  for a period for one week.

If all of the above requirements are satisfied, it means that you have succeeded at being “Hidden from TaiSui Clash”.   If you violate one or more of them, you have failed so please try to follow these simple rules for a short period of time.

An example of not following these rules is: On the second day of Hiding from Tai Sui, a woman met another woman who had just given birth or while you are hiding from TaiSui Clash, the curtains were opened, and the light came into the room. Or you went out without enough time to Hide from TaiSui Clash…, and so on.

More Information is easily available

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