How to do Auspicious Walk (Good Luck) during 2021 Lunar New Year by Zeehi Feng Shui Master

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New Year represents a New Start. It is best to receive the best energy from the universe at the beginning of the Lunar New Year. But even if you are just starting the Emperor’s Walk you will realize substantial benefits during 2021.

If you do the Emperor’s Walk (Qi men dun jia) you can absorb the auspicious energy of the universe, so your entire body will be full of good energy, like recharging in general.

This will enhance your overall performance, give you a fresh mind, sharp thinking, potential, and strength to be fully developed, and in the new year be appropriately aggressive, enable outstanding, performance, and achievment of your goals. Especially after the past year where we all had a lot of sadness and frustration!

Do the Emperor’s Walk throughout the 2021 Lunar New Year.

You can take full advantage of the Emperor’s Walk by doing this good fortune walk.  Your good life starts from the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This will improve your luck throughout the whole year in a simple and effective way.

It’s very simple. Go to and follow the simple 3 step directions. It only takes 10 or twenty minutes and many people tell me that they feel the difference immediately.

You can choose

  1. Climbing high. Climbing a nearby hill, or a tall building symbolizes “step up”.
  2. Go to the temple to burn incense, worship, pray for your wishes to be fulfilled.
  3. Communicate New Year’s greetings to your family in the lucky direction.

I am happy to explain. Just reach out to me via email or call at 646-271-6868

If you are just beginning your experience with The Emperor’s Walk try the following during your first walk. Before you start to walk, get a specific purpose for your future in your mind.

First, tell the universe your name, the date of birth, and then silently pray that this trip for your goal will be successfully achieved.

Then put your right hand up in the following manner.

right hand position for Chinese New Year

Blow gently in the palm of your left hand and with the two outstretched fingers of your right hand, write one or more of the following words:

  • If you want to see an important person, officer or boss, write the word “Heaven”;
  • If you want to talk about business or to do more business, write the word “Profit”;
  • If it is dating, write the word “Match”;
  • If it is to travel, write the word “Pass”;
  • If you meet someone for dinner and drink alcohol, write the word “Less” (so you do not over-drink);
  • If you want to win a gambling game write the word “Power”.

After writing the word,  make gripped fist with your left hand, and then extend it straight out with determination. Pay attention and do not look back.

I wish you all the best in the New Year. May lucky stars shine on you,  great fortune cover you, all good things happen to you this year.

More Information is easily available

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