Feng Shui layout for the Year of the Tiger – 2022 虎年开运风水布局

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Feng Shui layout for the 2022 Year of the Tiger


Analysis of the nine good and bad flying stars in the Year of the Tiger

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2022 graphic chart

Note: Flying Star Chart conventionally places South on top and North on bottom

If you want to better understand these charts feel free to contact me at zhihaifs@hotmail.com or call 646-271-6868.

如何催财,地位升迁,桃花人缘,喜庆吉祥?如何化解小人是非,疾病困扰,伤丁损财?如何使家宅、店铺、办公室、 餐馆等趋吉避凶,风生水起?

Contact me if you want to increase wealth, promotion, popularity, joy, and auspiciousness? How to resolve Gossip, lawsuits, disease troubles, injury, and loss of wealth?

Learn how to make homes, stores, offices, restaurants, etc., be lucky and avoid bad things?


When is the first day to adjust New Year FengShui layout?

每年的立春日是调整流年风水的时候。2022 年立春日是西历的2022年2月4日。所以我们可以在 2/4/2022 这天调整流年风水。而中国的 2022 阴历新年初一是西历的 2022 年2月1号。

The beginning of Spring (The First Solar Term) is the day to adjust the year of FengShui in 2022. The beginning of spring is on the February 4, 2022, in the Western calendar. So we can do the 2022 Fengshui on Feb 4, 2022, although the first day of the Chinese New Year in the 2022 lunar calendar is February 1, 2022, in the Western calendar.

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