Auspicious Walking on The First day of 2022 Lunar New Year by Zeehi Feng Shui Master

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新年新气象,接好运纳吉气从大年初一开始。New Year, New start, receive the best energy from the universe at the beginning of the Lunar New Year.


大年初一是整年的頭一天,如果能配合奇門遁甲的吉時吉方出門走走,則能吸納宇宙的吉氣,使全身充滿好的能量,就像重新充電一般。The first day of Lunar New Year is the first day of the whole year, if you can cooperate with the EmperorsWalk (Qi men dun jia) go out for a walk, you can absorb the auspicity of the universe, so that the whole body full of good energy, like recharging in general. 如此必能提昇您的整體運勢,使您頭腦清新,思考敏銳,潛能和實力得以充分發揮,並在新的一年中積極進取、表現傑出,而能達成您的目標。尤其您在舊的一年中有諸多的不順、挫折與遺憾!This will enhance your overall performance, so that you have a fresh mind, sharp thinking, potential and strength to be fully developed, and in the new year to be aggressive, outstanding performance, and to achieve your goals. Especially in the past year,  you have a lot of unhappy, frustration and regret!


在西曆2022年02月1日(即2022年農曆大年初一)On February 1, 2022 in the  Western Calendar ( the first day of the 2022 Lunar New Year).


你可以利用奇门遁甲的時辰方位學出行,美好的生活从新年大年初一开始,提昇改善您一整年的運氣,簡單而有效。下列十二個時辰可擇一配合吉方出行。(吉方: A最好> A+很好> A好 >A-次好)You can take advantage of the Emperor’s Walk to have the fortune walk.  a good life starts from the beginning of the Lunar New Year, this will improve your luck throughout the whole year, simple and effective. The following twelve time zone can choose to walk  with lucky direction.



Do Emperor’s Walk on the Lunar New Year’s Day, will eliminate the disaster,and bring good luck.


你可以选择you can choose

(1)登高。爬爬附近的小山,或是較高的大廈建築物,象徵「步步高升」。(1) Climbing high. Climbing a nearby hill, or a tall building, symbolizes “step up”.


(2)前往寺廟燒香拜拜,祈求願望達成。 Go to the temple to burn incense worship, pray for the wish to be fulfilled.

  (3)   往吉方的親朋好友之家拜年。New Year’s greetings to the family in the lucky direction.


如果是有特定目的而出門,那麼可以這樣做:先報出本人的姓名,出生年月日時, 再默默祈求此趟出門欲達成的目的可以順利達成。然後猛吸一口氣吹向左手掌心,右手食中二指併攏成劍指, 在左手掌心中以此劍指寫字。If there is a specific purpose to go out, then you can do so: first, tell universe your name, the date of birth, and then silently pray that this trip for the goal which can be successfully achieved. Then take a breath and blow to the left palm, on the right hand,  make the sword finger ( see the picture), write the word in the left palm.


right hand position for Chinese New Year


If you want to see the officer, the boss, write the word “Heaven“;



If it is to talk about business, to do business, write the word “profit”;



If it is a dating, write the word “match”;


If it is to travel, write the word “pass”;



If you meet someone for dinner and drink alcohol , write the word “less”;



If it’s for a small gamble game, write the word “Heaven”.


寫完字左手握拳,然後直接出門,注意不要回頭。After writing the word,  left hand grip fist, and then go straight out, pay attention: not to look back.



I wish you all the best in the new year, lucky stars shine on you,  great fortune cover you, all the best!

More Information is easily available

To get more information follow this site for a New TaiSui Fu,  to replace last year’s TaiSui. I will give complete instructions for the Year of the Tiger in an upcoming post. Or… for more personalized guidance please contact Zeehi by email here or call 646-271-6868

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