July 4th… The Country’s celebration and The Emperor’s Walk celebration

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Share/Bookmark What an amazing coincidence. Today is our countires birthday AND………………….   Today is the Emperor’s Walk 365th daily post. Happy birthday Emperor’s Walk Website! I encourage everyone of you to try this outdoor Feng Shui practice to gain the most power in your daily power walks. I hope you all enjoy so much the celebrations, beaches, forests, friends, families and Bar-B-Q’s during this very...

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The Unusual Power of Honey During the Fall-Winter Transition

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Share/BookmarkMany people realize the benefits of honey but it is most important during this fall to winter transition. Our bodies loose their balance when the weather changes and we turn up the heat indoors. We become dehydrated both inside and out. It is most important to drink water mixed with a tablespoon of honey every day. Do not put the honey in boiling water. It will destroy many of the healthy benefits of honey and its natural bacteria fighting qualities....

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Some Hints on Building Your Immune System This Flu Season

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Share/BookmarkZhi Hai in Chinese is translated as “sea of knowledge”. I am not patting myself on my back but I have picked up much useful information, some “Chinese Secrets” and some simple guidance. So here are some very useful “anti Flu” season hints. There is a product called Cordyceps sinensis made by Chang Gung Biotechnology which contains a root that is excellent for building the immune system. I take one a day as does my...

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Chinese “Secret” to Keeping The Flu and Cold Out During The Fall and Winter

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Share/BookmarkThe big problem with winter colds is of course preventing getting an initial chill. The Chinese believe that the chill is caused  by allowing wind and or cold to enter open pores in the body THAT HAVE BECOME ACCUSTOMED TO BEING OPEN ALL SUMMER.  We use ginger to prevent or reverse this. It literally drives the flu OUT of the body as compared to letting it IN. Before you get flu the best way to treat yourself is to slice fresh ginger and use odd number...

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Hair Beauty – Chinese People Are Known For Their Beautiful Hair.

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Share/BookmarkYours Can Be Naturally Beautiful Too. Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Autumn Balance once again is the secret. In Autumn many people loose lots of hair because the weather changes and body dries. Skin becomes itchy  which is a sure sign that your will experience hair problems. Here’s a secret passed down from my wonderful grandmother. Use beer and warm water as base to wash hair. A second way is to add a bit of salt and vinegar to...

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Emperor Walk Posture-YIN AND YANG – Staying Young

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Share/BookmarkOn the subject of Yin and Yang we should understand how our posture effect our ability to have a balanced flow of Yin and Yang energy and how this either speeds aging or keeps you young. First you must understand that Yang energy runs up and down your back while Yin energy runs up and down your front. When we are young we have much Yang energy. As a result we stand straight because the Yang energy holds us straight like a rubber band. As we get older the...

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