HuangDi’s Ascension to Heaven

 In the historical records (Fengshan book) HuangDi and his people were mining copper in the Shou Mountain. According to legend, bronze was first cast 5,000 years ago by the Yellow Emperor, who cast nine bronze tripods to symbolize the nine provinces in his empire which he put at the foot of Jing Mountain. When finished, a great dragon with a long beard hanging down picked up HuangDi and ascended to heaven.

While he rode on the back of the dragon, his ministers, their wives and children, all climbed on the back of dragon (over 70 people). As the dragon ascended some people could not ride on so they grabbed the dragon’s beard which broke under the weight. HuangDi’s bow was also pulled down. Civil and military officials held the dragon’s beard and bow and cried. 

dragon grass It is said that “dragon beard grass” comes from that broken beard. between 98 and 100 years old, Emperor HuangDi rose, and became an Emperor in heaven.

Taoist believe Emperor HuangDi possessed the secret to becoming immortal which was taught by Universal Phoenix Lady.

[dragon beard grass龙须草]