Feng Shui Master Zhi HaiFeng Shui Master ZhiHai has uncovered a 5,000 year old secret of extraordinary power. This is scientifically based. The knowledge was used by every Emperor of China and passed down from dynasty to dynasty until recent times when it was made public. This knowledge has been transformed into  simple practices that any person can use to achieve extraordinary goals and live a more powerful life. Master Zhi Hai is a China certified architect, Feng Shui and Metaphysicist Master, former head of the Henan Province Culture and Architectural Design Department, TV and Radio Host, columnist for newspapers and Magazines. Welcome to THE EMPEROR'S WALK.

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2014 Chinese New Year Zodiac Predictions

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Zodiac Predictions Videos

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About Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai


Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai

Zhi Hai is a world renowned Feng Shui Master, Metaphysics Master and Architect with a specialty in the highly specialized knowledge of China’s First Emperor…Huangdi.

She is an author, radio host and has appeared on Cable TV’s : MTV China, SinoVision TV and CTV. Her work with business people, clients and personalities has helped...

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