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OUR WECHAT RADIO SHOW IS LIVE EVERY TUESDAY. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FENG SHUI PLEASE CONTACT ME ON WECHAT:ZHIHAIFENGSHUIMASTER. Follow the chart to the right for this week's Feng Shui Power Walk. If you wish to receive daily info please email Master ZhiHai ( Please be sure to use the correct time zone.
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Posted by on Feb 9, 2021 in Blog

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Covid 19 and Emperor’s Walk – How it can help your immune system

Posted by on Apr 12, 2020 in Blog, F4, Featured, Happiness, Health, Today's Info, Utimate Power

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Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai

Zhi Hai (pronouced Zee Hi) is a world renowned Feng Shui Master, Metaphysics Master and Architect with a specialty in the highly specialized knowledge of China’s First Emperor…Huangdi.

She is an author, radio host and has appeared on Cable TV’s : MTV China, SinoVision TV and CTV. Her work with business people, clients and...

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