The Best Personal Money Frogs: Abundance and Prosperity

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It’s Official. has launched in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon This website is dedicated to bring you Abundance and Prosperity through the finest Money Frogs I can find and/or create.
I have been advising people on how to achieve health, wealth and happiness for many years now. Over that time we have developed so many solutions to giving people the good luck and good information to allow them to maximize their opportunity.

 Great News about customized Money Frog Prosperity Jewelry.

“One thing I always wanted was to be able to wear a money frog or carry it around with me. I strongly believe that the concept of the Money Frog is to bring it’s owner ABUNDANCE (in any form) and PROSPERITY. That is, in fact my mission. And as important is to reach as many people as possible with this ability to gain PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE”.

moneyfrog bracelet

Please Note: The Money Frog pictured here is a registered trademark and copywrite design of Master Zhi Hai.

For many years I have customized jewelry for my clients based on their unique needs in combination with 5 elements and their birthday. This was beautiful jewelry using powerful semi precious and precious gems, 18 karat gold and five elements objects. It sometimes took the form of a beautiful fine piece of jewelry that they can wear all the time. Sometimes a bracelet, other times a ring or necklace. Special designs that my friends and clients are very proud to wear.

This year I am introducing superbly crafted Money Frog rings which are a favorite of successful business men and women who love being reminded every day that Abundance and Prosperity is their Destiny.

Money Frog Rings-600px

Please Note: the Money Frog shown here is a registered design & trademark of Master Zhi Hai

About Money Frog Packaging  See it at

Perhaps the most important thing about any Money Frog product is the special spirituality and energy it has. I have learned over the years that it is most important to keep the energy very clean and neutral. Therefore I do two things.

1) I design the piece to be very dedicated to certain needs or goals and in custom instances to reflect the birth dates of the ultimate use, and 9

2) I cleanse the piece being very peaceful with incantations of the highest value. Once this is done and the piece is cleansed of any energy from people who may have supplied the materials I call it neutrally positive. That means it is ready to accept positive energy from my wishes and the wishes of the user.


How to Preserve and Build Upon The Positive Money Frog Energy

Now that the piece is neutral from anyone else’s energy (cleansed) it is ready to accept positive wishes and the energy of you, the owner. Wearing gloves I package the piece carefully in protective and beautifully designed protective packaging. When you receive the Money Frog YOUR energy will be its primary source. Your good wishes. I encourage that only YOU handle the money frog at that point,

I then seal it with my special seal and string so you are the first person to open the packaging and touch your Money Frog. Below is the packaging each Money Frog comes in. Many friends and clients want love the package and use it as a “lucky box” to keep other precious objects in.

Money Frog Packaging, protection and cleansing.

I even embroider a specially designed gold money frog on some of my clothing.

Every person who I have given these too have expressed such beautiful gratitude and I am so thankful for that. You too can simply reach out to me at anytime for a conversation about these Money Frogs.


ZhiHai (pronounced Zee Hi)

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