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The Best Personal Money Frogs: Abundance and Prosperity

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Share/Bookmark It’s Official. TheMoneyFrog.com has launched in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon This website is dedicated to bring you Abundance and Prosperity through the finest Money Frogs I can find and/or create. I have been advising people on how to achieve health, wealth and happiness for many years now. Over that time we have developed so many solutions to giving people the good luck and good information to allow them to maximize their...

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1x1-Image Credit-COPENCREATIVE-Dragon and Feng Shui Campasss. Feng Shui MASTER ZHI HAI copy


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Share/BookmarkIMPORTANT-CHANGE YOUR TAI SUI FOR 2024 NOW Prior to the New Year we send our wishes for a successful and prosperous New “Year of the Dragon”(2024). It is important to adjust the Feng Shui of the current year and the new year! To bid farewell to the TaiSui of the Rabbit and welcome the year of the Dragon Tai Sui.  These Talisman’s are believed to have great power and quality of protection and I encourage everyone to carry one with...

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Share/BookmarkGet Ready to Follow the Guide which explains how to prepare for the New Year transition… All 6 articles are now available here.   You will have free access to a day by day NEW YEAR guide to how best to prepare for the upcoming 2024 Chinese New Year.   Go here for lots of fun with dozens of 2024 FREE Dragon images created for you to use in your emails and posts. And much more.  NOTE: some images look like duplicates . They are actually...

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rear of rabbit


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Share/BookmarkIMPORTANT-CHANGE YOUR TAI SUI FOR 2023 NOW As the New Year approaches, we send our wishes for a successful and prosperous New “Year of the Rabbit”(2023). This is the time to adjust the Feng Shui of the current year and the new year! IMPORTANT. We need to thank the 2022 Tiger Taisui and pray for the 2023 Rabbit Tainui. At the same time, we need to adjust our Feng Shui for the 2023 year.”   WATCH THIS SPACE FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION...

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Happy Moon Festival

Happy Moon Festival

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Share/BookmarkYesterday and for the next two days we enjoy the fun and pleasure of the Moon Festival. I wish all of my readers and followers much Good Luck, Abundance and Prosperity during this upcoming season. May the harvest of the Moon Festival bring you all, everything you wish for. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai (also known as ZeeHi) More Information is easily available To get more information or adjust your 2022 FengShui layout, please contact Zeehi by email here or...

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Emperors Walk Easy To Do

3 Easy Steps to Power Your Life With Abundance and Prosperity.

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Share/Bookmark 1. Get your FREE map. This is very easy and FREE. Just click on GET  MAP and follow the instructions to create the map and print it . That map has two areas to click so you can see the sectors and print a screen capture. Put in your address (it NEVER keeps that info) and press the overlay button to see the sectors. There is a print button but some computers don’t print from these maps so simply do a “screen capture” and print that. 2....

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