Universal Pheonix Lady Teaches The Secrets

Universal Phoenix Lady and HuangDi, The Yellow Emperor: His Source Of  The Great Secrets

HunagDi is said to have received his great knowledge from a spiritual being in the form of a very beautiful woman. Her name was “Jiu Tian Xuan Nv”

Huang Di's Teacher Universal Pheonix Lady “Jiu Tian” means nine heaven. In Chinese language 9 is biggest number, “nine heaven” means boundless heaven or universe. “Xuan”: means phoenix.  Legend says she came to earth riding on a phoenix. “Nv” means lady. So I translate her name “Jiu Tian Xuan Nv” to mean “universal phoenix lady”. She was HuangDi Emperor’s Master, and a disciple of the West Queen Mother.

 The story of her assistance to HuangDi’s military success says “HuangDi asked the “Jiu Tian Xuan Nv” for the Art of War knowledge. Her biographer, “Yun Ji Qi Gian” records, “When HuangDi and his enemy ChiYou fought in Zhuolu, ChiYou used powerful magic to summon the strong wind and storm… blowing smoke, spray, fog for three days. Emperor HuangDi was unable to win”.

 HuangDi located the altar at the foot of the TaiShan mountain and prayed deeply. A few days later, the Universal Phoenix Lady came to HuangDi riding atop a great phoenix and dragon with colorful clothing. It is said that the reason she descended to earth is that she received orders from the West Queen Mother to teach HuangDi the three great books (some call it a bible) (Qi Men Dun Jia, Tai Yi shen shu and Liu Ren Shen Ke). These books possessed great “SECRETS” for power.

 At this critical moment in the battle the emperor rallied his army along with the six types of special beasts that he had tamed. He invented the South Pointing Chariot on the battlefield (some say explained to him by the Universal Phoenix Lady), and ordered its construction on the battlefield. With this device he was able to lead his army out of the fog. Chi You (and his army) could not hold up and was later killed off by the Yellow Emperor

 Three Books (bibles)

 The three books the Universal Phoenix Lady taught HuangDi were hugely important to achieving and maintaining his power. They were also forbidden to be seen by anyone other than his special military advisors. It was feared that if seen by anyone else it could lead to the Emperor’s being overthrown by that person. It is interesting to note that many great belief systems talk about three books, scriptures and writings. I speculate that many of these had similar meaning or intent.

 The First Book Qi Men Dun Jia

 This book contains answers to universal time and space knowledge and can control the other side of events: through its use and explanation of the eight universal energy sectors, one is able to convert inauspicious (bad) factors to good energy. It was mainly used in ancient military war formations. It is the knowledge to gain the ULTIMATE POWER in the universe. IMPORTANTLY, CONSIDERING IT WAS WRITTEN 5,000 YEARS AGO it is a Monumental work of scientific importance regarding astrological objects (planets), human beings and the Earth’s movement. The Earth’s magnetic fields, its affect on good and bad fortune is hidden among the Qi Men Dun Jia (8 sectors in different time zones). It is the most profound, accurate and practical writing to reveal the natural order of things while the universe develops and changes.

Universal Pheonix Lady  In Ancient China, it is called “Knowledge of Emperor” because it is too powerful and can be used for rebellion and regime change. So it was known as “the Secret of secrets”.  It was the most forbidden knowledge. The mystery between planets, human beings and the earths movement was considered to be guarded as an extreme secret. If someone was found with this knowledge they would be executed (in Ancient China before the books were released in 1976). Because of this, it was buried very deep in Chinese history. A master taught his disciple(student) only orally and only one disciple in life. 5000 years later, only few people understood this knowledge.

 Second Book: Tai Yi Shen Shu

 Was used to calculate universal life movement and predict a country’s rise and fall. It calculated a country’s Political destiny and fate. Historical changes were mathematically foretold using what was called Shu. It calculated how long each Dynasty would last. This book was never revealed. It is said to be lost because of the extreme threat it posed to all the Emperor’s of China. It could easily affect the nation’s stability and populace rebellion hence its disappearance.

Third Book: Liu Ren Shen Ke

 Is used to predict Personnel good and bad fortune, on a daily basis and predict what would be happening. People practice Yi Knowledge, we have a saying : after you study Liu Ren, you know what people think and what they want without asking. We have great evidence of the accuracy of the predictions regarding daily life in this book.

The Three Books: Qi Men Dun Jia, Tai Yi Shen Shu, Liu Ren Shen Ke belong to the highest levels of classical Chinese prediction. After HuangDi got these three books from The Universal Phoenix Lady we can only imagine his vast energy and boundless supernatural powers. Because of this, he won 52 wars in his life, unified the various tribes, and established Chinese culture/civilization as we know it today. All Chinese are considered to be his descendants.