Emperor HuangDi Love Story

According to legend, one spring day, a girl in a silk dress was raising silk worms in a Mulberry Tree garden, met Emperor HuangDi.

HuangDi Wife, Feng Shui, Emperor's WalkThe Emperor saw her wearing a gold coat of many colors, shining, gentle, mild yellow amongst a pile of cocoons on the ground asked what the girl was wearing. She answered “mulberry sericulture”, the theory of making silk.

HuangDi, knowing that people were still wearing leaves in summer , and animal skins in winter, felt this was a great invention that allowed people to dress warm and look beautiful. He married the girl and she taught his people mulberry sericulture technology. The girl became the Yellow Emperor’s Queen. (Lei Ancestor ), at that time, Emperor HuangDi was over thirty.

Some time later the Queen organized a large number of women to bring up to the mountain where mulberry trees grew and taught them silk weaving. But they encountered a major problem. Although they raised a lot of silkworm cocoons there were difficulties producing a lot of weaving silk. Among them was a short, skinny, dark, ugly girl who invented the spinning wheel and loom.

Once HuangDi saw this new invention, he so appreciated it that he let her teach this technique to the people. Later, the Queen matched them and HuangDi married the ugly girl, as his second wife. Although she was ugly, she was very kind, intelligent, noble and virtuous. She was very loved and respected by Emperor HuangDi. 

HuangDi eventually had 14 wives in his lifetime. According to “Historical Records” he had 25 sons. The Xia, Shang, Zhou Dynasty monarchs were descendants of the Yellow Emperor and all Chinese people believe they are ancestors of HuangDi.