What Is The Emperor’s Power Walk

THE EMPEROR’S EXTREME POWER WALK is a simple way to maximize your power to achieve your goals related to health, wealth and happiness…It combines the known benefits of conventional  “Power Walks” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_walking) with a 5,000 year old practice kept secret by EVERY Emperor of China, released to the public in 1976 but not fully understood until 2011.


Essentially, energy all around us changes daily and hourly. Knowing more about this energy allows people who do regular relaxed walks and especially people who do Power Walks to maximize the results of that activity.

Oftentimes the results are dramatic and Master Zhi Hai has many clients who have experienced complete transformations in their lives.

Basically, all people live in two places affected by FengShui. Indoor (house, apartment, office, store etc…inside of building) and outdoor Feng Shui (outside of building). Below is the technical explanation (for the simple “how to” go to http://www.emperorswalk.com/how-to-do-it ).

Indoor and Outdoor Energy (Feng Shui)

universe-compass-energyIndoor, our body’s energy is affected and controlled by the magnetic field which is created by the building’s layout. We call this FengShui. Good Feng Shui can affect our body in a positive way. Outdoor, in nature, our body’s energy is affected and controlled by the “universal” magnetic field. In order to get best outdoor “magnetic field” energy use Zhi Hai’s Emperor’s Walk.

Many Feng Shui specialists are familiar with “indoor” energy, but very few fully understand “outside universal” energy.

The objective of Emperor’s Walk is to understand how to know the universe’s magnetic fields and how they affect good and bad fortune. They change constantly in terms of “good” and “bad” directions-sectors by different years, months, days, and literally every two hours.

This is the Study of HuangDi’s Power

This is the study of HuangDi’s power and how we, in modern society, can use it to trend to positive energy and avoid the negative energy! I have created a special and “one of a kind” way of communicating that very difficult and complex knowledge into a simple to follow method using that energy in what I have called “The Emperor’s Walk”.

I have created for everyone, “ZhiHai Emperor’s Walk”. It’s a theory based on “Qi Men Dun Jia” which translates to “Emperor’s science knowledge”. What is “Qi Men Dun Jia”?EMPERORS WALK Feng Shui Outdoor Power

History of “Qi Men Dun Jia

“Qi Men Dun Jia” was the deepest secret knowledge in Chinese history. Today, the knowledge is published but few people understand it’s deep meaning. It can be described as amongst the most occult sciences. It can be said that it is the only universal time and space knowledge in this world which can control the other side. It is the knowledge to gain the ultimate power by using the universe’s energy.

The book, “Qi Men Dun Jia” describes monumental objects (planets), human beings and the Earth’s movement in scientific terms.

It was mainly used ancient military war formations. The Universe’s  magnetic field, good and bad fortune is hidden amongst the “Qi Men Dun Jia” (8 sectors in different time zones). It is the most profound, most accurate and most practical method to reveal the natural order of things in the universe as it develops and changes.

We know this because the Chinese Emperors have used and studied this “secret knowledge” for 5,000 years. In ancient Chinese history, each dynasty’s Emperor’s military advisor had to be proficient in this powerful knowledge.

In Ancient China, it is called “Knowledge of Emperor” because it is kept from anyone but the Emperor. They knew it could be used for rebellion or Regime change. So it was known as  “the Secret of the Secrets”. and it was the most forbidden knowledge in all of China. It has been available to the public for over 30 years now but FEW people understand it.

 It Unlocked The Secrets Of Universal Energy and Power

Unlock Universe's Energy

It unlocked the mystery between the planets, human beings and the earth’s movement. It was therefore kept in extreme secrecy. In ancient China, if you were found with this knowledge you would be executed without any discussions. Because of this, it was buried very deeply in Chinese history. A Master would teach his disciple (student) orally and could only teach one disciple in life. Still, 5000 years later, only a few people understand this knowledge.

The first Chinese Emperor-Huang Di, used this knowledge to invent a special chariot with a built in compass to show him the eight sectors. In this way he could put his army in a good position when the time was good for him to start to attack. When it was not a good direction according to the knowledge he would have his army hide. As a result he defeated the strongest army in China at the time, his enemy, ChiYou. This was perhaps the most important event in Chinese history as it ended disparate tribal life and united China. It was the beginning of human civilization.

Although most of us do not face war like in old times, in modern life all people face strong competition. How do we use the mysterious “Emperor’s knowledge” to help us in our everyday life?

After deep study of  “Qi Men Dun Jia”  I discovered several references to the source of this power. My knowledge of Feng Shui allowed me to unlock the secrets held in this book I applied these theories to a simple “walk” that anyone can do daily. This is not hard exercise. It is simple and easy and literally everyone who has tried it has realized extraordinary change.

It’s called “THE EMPEROR’S WALK”

The Emperor’s Walk- A Daily Way to Change Your Life.

Do the walk in the morning to change your energy. Here’s how!

Emperor's Walk Custom Map

An Example Of a Customizzed Emperor's Walk Map

You can get a custom map for your location FREE at http://www.emperorswalk.com/get-your-custom-map. On every map there are 8 directional sectors around your central location: Chinese call them “BaGua” (N, NE, etc….). Every day I calculate the good sectors by two hour time periods. When you first go out of your door in the morning  you walk in one of the three “good sectors” for 15 minutes or more to re-charge your body’s energy (I provide this information as a form of FREE service to all people). A longer walk is better.  Whether you take a bus, exercise, drive, walk the dog, etc.. just travel in the best possible sector. After you have done your walk you can change to any direction you want (your destination). Some people have noticed a change in their well being the very first day. Others take a week.


Leaving any location you have been in for hours and feel you need a recharge.

energy power walkYour energy changes anytime you are indoors. So doing the Emperor’s walk after work is also a good idea. I have provided information for late afternoons for this purpose.

The whole process is so easy. You don’t have to walk “hard” or fast. Just do the walk. If you Power Walk you will almost immediately see the increase in your performance.

“ZhiHai Emperor’s Walk” will allow you to achieve your goals in life such as happiness, health and wealth.

Why does a daily Emperor’s Walk, achieve the goals of health, wealth and happiness?

The Three Benefits of Emperor's Walk

This gets a bit technical and goes deeper into the traditional understanding of Feng Shui practices.

Let’s start to talk about the 3 best energy sectors and the worst “Dead Door” sector from “Qi Men Dun Jia”.

“Kai Sector” (one of the best energy sectors): This sector is the most beneficial for getting a new job, having a grand opening, being newly appointed in an important position, earning more money, long travel, marriage, wedding, visiting friends, It is also very useful for meeting with important people you want to benefit from such as famous people, business people, doctors or others with power to affect your life. By walking in this sector the above outcomes are more positive.

“Sheng Sector” (also one of the best energy sectors): Most beneficial for getting money, finding a new job, doing business, long distant travel, marriage and wedding and getting the best doctor when you need to take care of health. If people you intend to meet that day are related to getting money use this sector. By walking in this sector the outcome of the above will be most positive.

“Xiu Sector” (still one of the best energy sectors): Most beneficial for mental and physical pleasure. It is also good for those seeking fame, status, in need of some type of reconciliation, military training, marriage, wedding, long travel and a new appointed office. It is also good for relaxing. By walking in this sector the outcome of the above will be most positive.

Dead Door (the worst energy sector): This is very unusual and important to understand. Although it can be used for execution-such as war, condolence, funeral or hunting… it should not be used for ANYTHING else. Please pay special attention. If you ever had a “bad day” chances are you accidentally walked in that sector first ting in the morning.

Although Kai Sector, Sheng Sector and Xiu Sector are all good energy sectors, the strength of their magnetic energy is different in different years, months, days and every two hours. To make it simpler for you to use, I indicate their strength in four different levels. For example: for north sectors N‡ is better than N+, which is better than N and that is better than N-. It’s all reflected on a simple chart that I provide daily (also FREE). It is my blessing to be able to work each day to help all people in this way.

So when you first go out of your door, use the strongest magnetic energy sector: just like a cell phone is charged, you are blessed by the best and strongest magnetic energy field. Your body, wealth, mind, health, personal feelings etc… all start to convert to the best outcome.

The mystery of “Qi Men Dun Jia” knowledge will push you forward and create great things in your live as long as you continue the walks. I understand that this sounds a bit unbelievable but you have NOTHING to lose by trying the mystery that every Emperor of China used for the last 5,000 years. It only takes 15 minutes. You usually don’t have to change your schedule at all since each day you go out. You may as well go out in the “RIGHT” direction. I wish you all much luck. Always feel free to reach out to me about this science.