Frequently Asked Questions:

Where did this information come from?

The Ancient texts and scribes describe a beautiful spirit coming down from the heavens to provide HuangDi with the formulas for determining every days walks.

5,000 years ago China was divided into many tribes. One tribal leader was very powerful and mean. Huang Di wanted to unite all the tribes. He prayed for 3 days and 3 nights for guidance as to how to win against this mean chief. On the third day a beautiful spiritual woman came to him.

She became known as the Universal Phoenix Lady (Chinese name Jiu Tian Xuan Nu). She gave him three books of knowledge.

The first was called Qi Men Dun Jia and it contained knowledge of the universe’s energy and how to use it to win the war, negotiate, hide, fight and get a positive outcome in battle.

The second book explained how long each dynasty would rule. This book was very dangerous because it threatened the current Dynasty. It mysteriously disappeared many years later (it’s Chinese name was Tai Yi Shen Shu).

The third book foretold exactly what would happen at any time down to the minutes. It was called Liu Ren Shen Ke ­­­­­­­.

There are many theories about The Universal Phoenix Lady and the knowledge passed on. The calculations are quite complex and frankly very few people know how to read the calculations which come from several sources. I discovered the key to these calculations buried in just a few sentences in these ancient texts.

The woman who passed on this knowledge of course, conjures up images of wings and beauty. Drawings and statues of her show her in this way. It is not for me to guess but some think she came from a “different” place. If you want to know more about the Universal Phoenix Lady CLICK HERE.

How often does the information change?

Each sector changes every two hours of every day so the calculations must be determined in advance a few weeks at a time and must be limited to a few 2 hour segments (three segments in the morning and one at night). It is possible to calculate any time period and I do make this service available to my clients.

For example, if you were having an important meeting at 2PM than special calculations could be made for that meeting but it is not possible for me to supply that to everyone since I need special information regarding the important event.

Are there special events or times that the walks are unusually helpful?

Absolutely. I find the walks have improved negotiations in business dramatically. They have influenced legal proceeding, business deals and the outcome or good fortune of a business in general.

Students or professionals that need to pass difficult tests can use special Emperor’s Walk information (available upon request)

For health the walks are extraordinary. I have seen complete turn arounds in people’s most serious conditions. I do not wish to give anyone false hope. All I can say is any doctor will tell you regular exercise is good and I can tell you with direct experience that simple exercise in the form of the walk IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION has amazing results.

When making any kind of major decision it is absolutely helpful to do the walks.

How many time periods during the day do I get information?

Each day I will post four of the most common time periods. I do make available more time periods upon request. Simply click on GET MORE TIME PERIODS FOR THAT SERVICE. I CHARGE A MODEST FEE FOR IT BUT STILL PROVIDE IT FREE TO TRY FOR A PERIOD OF 30 DAYS. .

How many times a day must I walk?

You only need to do this once a day. But the more often you walk in the correct time zone direction the better. The reason for my giving you multiple times is to make it easier for you based on when you get up or when you leave work. This way you are covered for the most common time periods.

Can I walk back and forth in the sector?

Usually the best direction is the first one given and it is best to walk in that direction.

Walk as close to within the sectors as possible. It will be easy after one week.

IT’S BEST TO WALK AWAY FROM THE POINT OF ORIGIN. It’s also easier since the sector gets wider as you get further from the starting point.

Sometimes you must go a bit out of the sector to get back in (the shape of a street winds away from the sector then back in). Watch your energy when you leave the sector for a brief time. YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

It’s fine to walk back once completed or if your sector has limited paths. Just walk about in the sector. Get the Universal Energy.

How long before I see and feel results?

This depends on the individual. The process, if done for a few days, will begin to bring you a much more powerful experience of life. Some people who practice meditation are more sensitive to feeling energy and feel it right away. Others, it takes a bit longer.

What do I do if I need a map?

Just click on GET A MAP and you will be taken to the map creation tool. If you want assistance email me at EMPERORSWALK@HOTMAIL.COM. Be sure to include your address where you sleep and any special needs/requests you have such as health, wealth, happiness in marriage, BUSINESS, PURCHASES, ETC…..

If you need two maps (one for home and one for work) just use the map creation tool over again and print the new location.

Many clients want to put in vacation addresses. That’s great too.

Can I get more information than what is on the site?

CLICK HERE and you will added to my email newsletter for more important information. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter you can easily unsubscribe right from the newsletter.

You will see that solving problems becomes easier as does success in your life

What do I do if I want a family member or friend to receive the Emperor’s Walk?

Have them go to the site. Explore it and make a map. Then SUBSCRIBE THEM to my newsletter.

Blessings and good luck

Zhi Hai