Emperors Walk Easy To Do

3 Easy Steps to Power Your Life With Abundance and Prosperity.

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Share/Bookmark 1. Get your FREE map. This is very easy and FREE. Just click on GET  MAP and follow the instructions to create the map and print it . That map has two areas to click so you can see the sectors and print a screen capture. Put in your address (it NEVER keeps that info) and press the overlay button to see the sectors. There is a print button but some computers don’t print from these maps so simply do a “screen capture” and print...

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2013 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs

Update-Find Your Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs

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Share/BookmarkBack in 2016 I decided to publish the ACCURATE Chinese Zodiac times and information. I understand this information appears to be easily available elsewhere but MOST CALENDARS REFLECTING THIS INFORMATION ARE NOT COMPLETE AND THEREFORE ARE INACCURATE. They are not actual time. They are generalized by day to make it easier for many people. The fact is that the moon phases and times cross days. The below information reflects the ACCURATE information. If you...

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five elements Jewelry feature

Five Elements Feng Shui Based Power Jewelry

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Share/BookmarkMaster Zhi Hai has created a unique and very powerful line of Five Elements jewelry based on the principles of Feng Shui. These beautiful pieces hold tremendous power and are designed to optimize the wearer’s energy and harmony with the five elements of the universe. No other jewelry compares to the care and attention this magical jewelry possesses. Each piece is custom made to exactly match the wearer’s birth date. Each piece is cleansed with...

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emperor walk ultimate power

Get Ultimate Power Over Life

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Share/Bookmark What is the true meaning of ultimate power? I define it as having the most HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS possible. The Emperor’s Walk was discovered by Emperor HuangDi 5,000 years ago. It provided him with ULTIMATE POWER. He won 52 wars had 14 wifes and 25 sons. He lived till the healthy age of 98. Throughout his life he gained great power through the secret of the Emperor’s Walk. Many generations of Emperor’s received the knowledge...

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A Friend At Citibank Discovers The Emperor’s Walk

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Share/Bookmark(ARTICLE) I am very happy with my banker at Citibank. He has managed my account very productively. On a recent visit he asked me about my latest undertakings. I explained the Emperor’s Walk to him and gave him a customized map.  A week later I spoke with him. He had given up coffee because he had more than enough energy and was effortlessly loosing weight. A few weeks later I came into the bank to see him. He walked right by me and I did not greet...

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emperor walk ultimate power

5,000 Year Old Secret To Get Ultimate Power

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Share/Bookmark  What is the true meaning of ultimate power? I define it as having the most HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS possible. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE EMPEROR’S WALK CAN DO FOR YOU. Three books of special knowledge were passed down to China’s first Emperor, HuangDi 5,000 years ago from a being who all Chinese people call the Universal Pheonix Lady. They provided him with ULTIMATE POWER. He won 52 wars, had 14 wifes and 25 sons. He lived...

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