Why Using the Map is So Vital

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Share/Bookmark First, you can get a free customized map <HERE>. Many people would like to use a compass feeling it is a bit easier and in fact it can be. The problem is most cities are not laid out with the compass points in mind. So it is very easy in the beginning of the walk to choose a street that seems “close” to the desired sector but in fact takes you out of the sector and unless you want to concentrate all your attention on the compass you are...

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Emperor Walk Posture-YIN AND YANG – Staying Young

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Share/BookmarkOn the subject of Yin and Yang we should understand how our posture effect our ability to have a balanced flow of Yin and Yang energy and how this either speeds aging or keeps you young. First you must understand that Yang energy runs up and down your back while Yin energy runs up and down your front. When we are young we have much Yang energy. As a result we stand straight because the Yang energy holds us straight like a rubber band. As we get older the...

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emperor walk ultimate power

5,000 Year Old Secret To Get Ultimate Power

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Share/Bookmark  What is the true meaning of ultimate power? I define it as having the most HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS possible. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE EMPEROR’S WALK CAN DO FOR YOU. Three books of special knowledge were passed down to China’s first Emperor, HuangDi 5,000 years ago from a being who all Chinese people call the Universal Pheonix Lady. They provided him with ULTIMATE POWER. He won 52 wars, had 14 wifes and 25 sons. He lived...

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