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Five Elements Feng Shui Based Power Jewelry

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Benefits, Blog, Chinese Beauty Secrets, Chinese Health Secrets, Featured, Feng Shui Products, Happiness, Health, Utimate Power, Wealth | 12 comments

Share/Bookmark Master Zhi Hai has created a unique and very powerful line of Five Elements jewelry based on the principles of Feng Shui. These beautiful pieces hold tremendous¬†power and are designed to optimize the wearer’s energy and harmony with the five elements of the universe. No other jewelry compares to the care and attention this magical jewelry possesses. Each piece is custom made to exactly match the wearer’s birth date. Each piece is cleansed...

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Hair Beauty – Chinese People Are Known For Their Beautiful Hair.

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Share/BookmarkYours Can Be Naturally Beautiful Too. Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Autumn Balance once again is the secret. In Autumn many people loose lots of hair because the weather changes and body dries. Skin becomes itchy¬† which is a sure sign that your will experience hair problems. Here’s a secret passed down from my wonderful grandmother. Use beer and warm water as base to wash hair. A second way is to add a bit of salt and vinegar to...

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