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So Many People Have Changed Their Lives. Gain Personal POWER. Use the secrets passed down by every Emperor of China.

5,000 years ago a secret was learned by the first Emperor of China. The Basis was a form of Feng Shui not commonly known.

I am so very happy that more and more people are doing the Emperor’s Feng Shui Power Walk. It was kept secret by EVERY Emperor until 1976. Whoever possessed this knowledge has an incredible source of power. Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai speaks to TV host Don Wong about the origins of the Emperor’s Walk and the importance of the walk on people’s everyday lives. This was originally aired on Cable TV in February of 2011.

The Emperor’s walk is a 5,000 year old secret to gaining extraordinary power in every aspect of your life. Master Zhi Hai explains the relationship of this secret which was possessed by every Emperor in the history of China and only made public after the death of Chairman Mao Zedong died on Sept 9, 1975.

The secret was closely guarded since it was discovered by the first Emperor of China, HuangDi. 5,000 years later Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai would uncover the powers behind this closely guarded secret.

Emperors Walk Feng Shui Master Zhi HaiIt is said that the secret was passed down to him from a “heavenly creature” in the form of a “Pheonix” Woman. After discovering this secret HuangDi went on to win over 52 wars, married 14 wives and had over 25 sons. He went on to unite all of China and continued to make great discoveries. Some believe that this “woman” was an unearthly being passing on special powers. Few scribes were allowed to possess this knowledge who kept it guarded for each successive Emperor since HuangDi.

The knowledge is a highly specialized branch of FengShui understood by only a few people on earth. It was uncovered by Master ZhiHai in her scholarly studies of HuangDi buried within a few sentences in ancient writings. She later applied the formulas from this previously secret code to capturing the same energy that HuangDi used but in modern time applications.

Almost all of the many clients ZhiHai has passed this information onto on a daily basis have realized extraordinary positive results in their lives. Jobs have been found where none were available, marriages and families saved, wealth gained, health improved and happiness obtained.

“I lost 30 pounds without even making an effort. Thanks Zhi Hai for this amazing knowledge” ZhiHai’s Banker at Citibank

“After months of looking for a job unsuccessfully I tried the walks. I didn’t really think they would work but what did I have to loose. Within a month I had a great job”   A client from New Jersey

“My life had a tragedy that I could not recover from. Doctors and therapists could not help me. Zhi Hai suggested I try the walks. It is as though a great weight has been lifted from me” Another client

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This power is truly extraordinary. It is Zhi Hai’s intention to continue to make this information available to the public. There is much deep and great history surrounding this knowledge. Watch this site for ongoing released info as well as much more knowledge that will enhance your life.


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