Best Feng Shui Money Frog (English and Chinese Video) and Money Frog Jewelry

These are some of the most treasured Money Frogs. Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai describes The traditional use of the beautiful Money Frog in Chinese culture and traditional Feng Shui practice. This beautiful, heavy Frog is designed to bring the owner great wealth and success . Zhi Hai’s  collection of Money Frogs are among the best in the world.

Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai (also known as ZeeHi) is a Chinese Architect, Feng Shui Master, Teacher, lecturer, radio and TV host specializing in structural energy and proper Feng Shui. She is a Metaphysics Master and was given the name Zhi Hai by a Budist Monk in Tibet during her formal studies. Zhi Hai stands for “Sea of Knowledge”. Her Chinese blog has been published for many years at . Her ground breaking studies of the powers of the first Emperor of China and the legendary secrets passed down from Emperor to Emperor until late in the twentieth century can be found at

Great News about customized Money Frog Prosperity Jewelry.

“One thing I always wanted was to be able to wear a money frog or carry it around with me. I strongly believe that the concept of the Money Frog is to bring it’s owner ABUNDANCE (in any form) and PROSPERITY. That is, in fact my mission. And as important is to reach as many people as possible with this ability to gain PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE”.

moneyfrog bracelet

Please Note: The Money Frog pictured here is a registered trademark and copywrite design of Master Zhi Hai.

For many years I have customized jewelry for my clients based on their unique needs in combination with 5 elements and their birthday. This was beautiful jewelry using powerful semi precious and precious gems, 18 karat gold and five elements objects. It sometimes took the form of a beautiful fine piece of jewelry that they can wear all the time. Sometimes a bracelet, other times a ring or necklace. Special designs that my friends and clients are very proud to wear.

I love my little money frog and wear it all the time. I have everyday MoneyFrog pieces in my favorite colors and have even customized pieces worth many thousands of dollars for famous business people around the world. They too love their money frogs and wear them daily.

So many people have asked me for this. So, I am making it available on a special website. I will keep you posted along with some of the stories of success for my clients seeking a more beautiful life full of love, happiness, success, ABUNDANCE of all kinds and PROSPERITY. Until the website is completed I am happy to speak to people if thye have an interest. Reach out to me at

About Money Frog Packaging

Perhaps the most important thing about any Money Frog product is the special spirituality and energy it has. I have learned over the years that it is most important to keep the energy very clean and neutral. Therefore I do two things. 1) I design the piece to be very dedicated to certain needs or goals and in custom instances to reflect the birth dates of the ultimate use, and 2) I cleanse the piece being very peaceful with incantations of the highest value. Once this is done and the piece is cleansed of any enery from people who may have supplied the materials I call it neutrally positive. That means it is ready to accept postive eneergy from my wishes and the wishes of the user.

How to Preserve and Build Upon The Positive Money Frog Energy

Now that the piece is neutral from anyone elses energy (cleansed) it is ready to accept positive wishes and the energy of you, the owner. Wearing gloves I package the piece carefully in protective and beautifully designed protective packaging. When you receive the Money Frog YOUR energy will be its primary source. Your good wishes. I encourage that only YOU handle the money frog at that point,

I then seal it with my special seal and string so you are the first person to open the packaging and touch your Money Frog. Below is the packaging each Money Frog comes in. Many friends and clients want love the package and use it as a “lucky box” to keep other precious objects in.

Money Frog Packaging, protection and cleansing.

I even embroider a specially designed gold money frog on some of my clothing.

Every person who I have given these too have expressed such beautiful gratitude and I am so thankful for that. You too can simply reach out to me at anytime for a conversation about these Money Frogs.


ZhiHai (pronounced Zee Hi)


  1. Carlton says:

    Dear ZhiHai
    I am trying to learn Feng Shui, I saw your video on the three legged
    Frog and Iwould like to learn the Incantation and Mantra and what day and how to use it.Thank you Carlton

  2. Jimmy Lim says:

    I am very interested in the money frog. How can I get one like yours?

  3. Marialisa Periser says:

    Why didn’t you tell the viewers on how to clean the Money frog so the good luck can work for them and should place the money frog once it’s clean in your home

  4. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    I wish you a very happy upcoming New Year of the Pig. Although Emperor’s Walk is published on the internet most of my activities have been direct contact since every persons need is different. But one cannot ignore the strong tide of the internet and a digital society so I will be launching an new site devoted to the Money Frog shortly. Please visit on or before February 30, 2019. I am sure you will find much information there. Also please reach out to me anytime at for personal advice.

  5. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    I wish you a very happy upcoming New Year of the Pig. The incantation is a bit difficult to explain. It utilizes the combined learnings from my studies in Tibet, China and through years of full time meditation. However there are some simple things you can do to “cleanse” a Money Frog before it is used. A I will be launching an new site devoted to the Money Frog shortly. Please visit on or before February 30, 2019. I am sure you will find much information there. Also please reach out to me anytime at for personal advice.

  6. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    You are right to ask that. The reason we “cleanse” or “degause” the Money Frog is to clean it from any negativity which may have been picked up during the mining, manufacturing and shipping process. The materials used in a Money Frog come from all over the world and we want the positive energy to be exclusively for you. Just positive spiritual energy. We go through a full day process for each Money Frog before wrapping it in special protective packaging so it comes to you totally clean and full of positive energy. To be able to do this we 1. clean it thoroughly with special five elements water containing energy absorbing materials. This neutralizes the Money frog so it is ready to absorb positive energy. This takes a few hours. We then offer blessings and affirmations to the money frog that were taught to me in Tibet by Masters followed by blessings that have been taught to me over many years of meditation studies. I know this sounds complicated, but through years of observation this method works. Many people imagine that tying a red ribbon around the frog helps. I do not think this is accurate. There are ways to “clean” the money frog with pure sea water but sadly it only cleans the money frogs surface and does not absorb any positive energy.

    I wish I could give you an easy way to achieve a pure state for any money frog but that is not easy. The object goes through many hands on the way to you and it should be protected during that journey. We have found that after cleansing we literally seal the package with a protective seal so only the owner handles the money frog upon receipt.

    In any case, I am happy to discuss this with anyone. Simply reach out at

    I wish you a happy New Year. Good luck and blessings.

    BTW. I have not answered in the past because as a traditional Chinese Feng Shui Grand Master I was not yet familiar with the workings of the internet and had an assistant doing this for me. I am getting more active now and will be introducing shortly. My personal mission is to help all people gain the prosperity and abundance they deserve in life. Blessings.

  7. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    Hello Jimmy. I am happy to answer any question you have. Please forgive my delayed response. As a traditional Chinese Feng Shui Grand Master I have not been familiar with the internet. Please feel free to reach me through we chat (OUR WECHAT RADIO SHOW IS LIVE EVERY TUESDAY. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FENG SHUI PLEASE CONTACT ME ON WECHAT:ZHIHAIFENGSHUIMASTER. ) or via email at Some time toward the middle of February I will also be presenting a new website called which explains much more. Blessings. ZhiHai (pronouced ZEEHI)

  8. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    Hi Carwash77. That is an amusing name. You must be a car wash owner. I am happy to share more information with you and will be launching some time in February 2019. I do hope you will visit for more information. Blessings. Good luck with the car wash… You should change your email to carwash88. its a much luckier number. :)

  9. Annie says:

    Hello Sifu,

    Can I buy the five special elements water from you to clean my wealth money frog.

  10. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    Reach out to me at Blessings and good health to you.

  11. Feng Shui Master ZhiHai says:

    Thank you for your interest. Normally we do not sell the water. It is blessed in person by ZhiHai (ZeeHi) . If you want we suggest reaching out to her at

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