Aug 22, Today’s Info & Auspicious Day


The Emperor’s Walk is often referred to as “outdoor FengShui”. If you get up between 5-7 AM (regular world time) then your very best walk is…. SW…. just walk in that sector when you leave the house (see your custom map).

Don’t walk in …SE… “dead door” direction. For more time periods, the full chart, Emperor’s Walk details and information about today’s Auspicious day click on the “More Info” button or see below.

Aug 22 Emperors walk by Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai 

Today’s Auspicious Day Info:

己酉日: Earth Rooster Day: good day for Snake, Cow and Dragon. Not so good for Rabbit. Today’s best time zones are: 0—1am, 3am—5am, 5am—7am, 9am—11am, 1pm—3pm, 11pm—0. Today’s good time zones: 5pm—7pm.

Auspicious day information differs from Emperor’s Walk but is also important to be aware of when planning your day’s activities and accomplishments.

If you want to check your Chinese Zodiac birthday sign CLICK HERE

General Auspicious Day Info: Any Day

The below auspicious day information is based on the “Qi Men Dun Jia” black and yellow 12 time zones (奇門遁甲日盤「黃道、黑道十二吉凶時辰」.

It is also good for your daily life organization.

Generally speaking you can use the below information to get an overview of basic Auspicious day information based on your sign but always pay more attention to Todays Auspicious Day Info.

  • Zodiac rat: avoid horse day and horse hour 11am—1pm (DLS 12pm—2pm)
  • Zodiac cow: avoid sheep day and sheep hour 1pm—3pm(DLS 2pm—4pm)
  • Zodiac Tiger: avoid Monkey day and monkey hour 3pm—5pm (DLS 4pm—6pm)
  • Zodiac Rabbit: avoid rooster day and rooster hour 5pm—7pm (DLS 6pm—8pm)
  • Zodiac dragon: avoid dog day and dog hour 7pm—9pm (DLS 8pm –10pm)
  • Zodiac snake: avoid pig day and pig hour 9pm—11pm (10pm –12 am)
  • Zodiac horse: avoid rat day and rat hour 12am—1am. 11pm—12am (DLS 12am—2am)
  • Zodiac sheep: avoid cow day and cow hour 1am—3am (DLS 2am—4am)
  • Zodiac monkey: avoid tiger day and tiger hour 3am—5am (DLS 4am—6am)
  • Zodiac rooster: avoid rabbit day and rabbit hour 5am—7am (DLS 6am—8am)
  • Zodiac dog: avoid dragon day and Dragon hour 7am—9am (DLS 8am—10am)
  • Zodiac pig: avoid snake day and snake hour 9am—11am (DLS 10am—12pm)

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