Mr. Liu Gets His Dream Job


Mr. Liu Gets A Great Job Through Emperors Walk By Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai

My Story- Mr. Liu : Success at finding great employment

During last ten years, I had been working in several international telecommunication companies in New Jersey, spearheading many cross-functional projects.

Last year, I kind of felt myself reaching the ceiling in the company and it might be the time for me to move on achieving better career growth.

At the beginning finding a new job did not sound like a big deal for me, as I vision myself an experienced and skilled IT professional. Unexpectedly, most of my applications did not get any responses, including ones matched my background well. For the few interviews I did go to, the outputs were not ideal either.

After many unsuccessful attempts, my expectations become lower significantly, and I was willing to take opportunities I was not before. But there was still no luck. For friends who know me well, it was unbelievable that no company had offered me a job. They all thought my mind was not opened enough, and I could hardly describe what I experienced to anyone.

Finally, a company at Philadelphia considered me a good fit after a series of interviews. Even though this meant at least one hour commute, I decided to take this job. However, although the hiring manager wanted me to start right away, HR was not able to send out an offer letter for various reasons. After many email exchanges and phone conversations, a month later I was told that the company was experiencing a re-org, the hiring manager was no longer with the company, and this position had been eliminated. It was very frustrating. I almost lost the confidence on job hunting – I started to question my skill and experience.

Feng Shui Enters The Picture

By chance, the concept of Feng Shui popped in my mind. Since my family was searching for a new house, it might not be a bad idea talking with a Feng Shui master and get some advice. From Chinese newspaper we had read many articles written by Zhi Hai. So we made the appointment with her, and went to her office in NYC on Sunday.

It was not exactly as we expected at the first sight of Zhi Hai – she looks too young and too sweet as a traditional Feng Shui master we pictured. I would rather believe she was a faculty in college. Zhi Hai started from the house Feng Shui, and taught us basic principles. I did not bring up anything related to my job hunting, but she moved on to the topic that I was “Fan Tai Sui” this year, especially “Ming Fan” plus “An Fan”. If I was planning to buy a house or switch a job, it could be lots of frustrations for me.
I was shocked when hearing this, so I asked for her help.

Zhi Hai told me a few things, and also suggested Emperor’s Walk. I was not exactly sure if her Emperor’s Walk really makes any sense, but it would not hurt anything anyway. Therefore after getting home I started following the instructions. Meanwhile I updated my resume on the internet, but honestly did not expect any results.

I Start To Get Immediate Results

Surprisingly, recruiters contacted me with several attractive positions shortly after. More surprisingly, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews all went very well, even though I felt that I could have done better during conversations. The last interview was with a senior staff. The recruiter told me that this person was very experienced and many candidates could not pass his screening. This kind of made me nervous.

On the day of interview, he asked me the first question. After I gave out the answers, he ended the conversation quickly. I thought I must have screwed up so that he did not want to continue. The next day I received the feedback that this senior staff liked my answer, and the company was going to write me an offer letter soon.

It was like a story of “dream becomes true”, and everything worked out so well – a well-established company, short commute, and desirable position.

Thinking about what happened a year ago, Zhi Hai really made the difference. Now I started believing in Zhi Hai and her Feng Shui theory. I also suggest others, who are experiencing the difficulties in their life, to talk with Zhi Hai. It is not because you did not work hard, it is not because you were not experienced or talented, it may just simply be because bad Feng Shui around you is preventing you from achieving your goal.

Zhi Hai’s wise advice will be able to help you and lead you to the future success.

By Mr. Liu in New Jersey


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