Want to Lose Weight… Try “The Emperor’s Walk”


Mr. J’s Story at Citibank NY

Mr. J. is a Vice president in Citibank and my wealth management financial advisor. In the winter of 2010, he asked me a question: “Why do you have such a good state of mind? And you look much much younger than your actual age? What is the secret?”

“I do my own walk, “The Emperor’s Walk” every day. That’s all.”

He asked me: “can I try it?”

I said: “sure.”

One month later, when I went to Citibank to do other business, I was shocked. The person who stood in front of me was a new Mr. J: “My God, How did you change so much?”

He excitedly said while holding my hand: “thank you so so much, my Master ZhiHai. For over one month, I have done your Emperor’s Walk every day. A miracle happened. I lost over 70 lbs.. The suit I am wearing right now, was in my closet for over 7 years. Now, finally, I fit in my suits. I will continue to do your “Emperor’s Walk”, and go for loosing another 100 lbs, until I achieve my standard weight.”

He was so exciting to see me, and his mental state and energy level were very good: He continued…“I need to tell you one of my personal feelings. Before, I used to rely on a cup of coffee to refresh myself. But now I do not need it anymoreWhen I do your walk I am full of energy everyday.”

My Understanding Changes Thanks to the Real Dr. House

When I left Citibank, I was thinking about one question. All of the “Qi Men Dun Jia’s” books do not record anything about losing weight. Why did “the Emperor’s Walk” I created base on the theory of “Qi Men Dun Jia” make people lose weight?”

I see now. Many very overweight people have an endocrine dysfunction.

Just like our Chinese say: “if you drink just water you can still gain weight”. Many people who take medicine to lose weight gain the weight back once they stop the medicine. Moreover long-term medication will lead to other aspects of physical illness. Some people have to choose an operation to eat less. This method is so terrible and does not solve the underlying problem.

I remember, I saw a young girl who looked like 400 lbs. She had a big tray of french fries, burgers and soda. She just kept eating and eating, until she finished all of them. When I looked at the food, I said to myself: “first, I would not eat that kind of food. Second, if I eat that kind of food, that size would take me three days to finish. For her it was just one meal. How can she lose weight? And why is she attracted to that kind, and size food?”

I asked my friend, the real life Dr. House-Thomas Bolte, (LINK http://discovermagazine.com/2007/medical-mysteries/the-real-dr-house) . He told me his opinion of human being’s health problems: “all problems are caused by chemicals.” At that time, we Chinese believed everything was caused by the body’s five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) not being balanced. We assign a body part to each element such as lung belonging to metal, liver belongs to wood, kidney belongs to water, heart belongs to fire, stomach and digestive systems belong to earth . The Eastern and Western medical perspectives are quite different, or at least they seem that way. 

But now I realized they are the same… Eastern and Western medical professionals just see the deep problems through a different angle.

Your Body’s Energy Levels Create The Body Chemistry That Guides Your Life

Once your body is not balanced, the body does not release proper chemicals into your system. That can cause health problems. Your sense of taste changes. Your eating habits and metabolism are negatively affected. You eat incorrectly and gain weight.

If you balance your body’s elements you release proper chemicals . Once again your taste and metabolism changes but in a positive manner. You start to lose weight and gain more energy.

The 400-pound super heavyweight lady is out of balance in her body’s five elements. She loses control of her appetite and taste. This is the root cause of her problem. For this type of super-heavyweight problem, diet pills, surgery, cannot solve the most fundamental problem of an unbalanced body’s five elements.

In this situation I suggest you try the Emperor’s Walk. It is a 100% organic, natural way to balance your body’s five elements and help your system produce the best chemicals. You can get control physically and emotionally by yourself without damaging your body’s organs with harsh chemicals or medicines.

So if you are taking pills to lose weight or are considering an operation, please do yourself a favor and try “ZhiHai’s Emperor’s Walk” first.

See for yourself if it helps. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As always I strongly recommend that you check with your doctor.


  1. SUSIE ORAVITZ says:

    So much excellent information on here. I found it on google.

  2. Lazo says:

    what works for me i lose 3 pounds over night doing this, i am a boxer who usaluly has to make wieght for my fights all i do is eat real healthy and do NOT EAT AFTER 7 PM and even after 7 pm go for a run burn of the food you ate during the day and drink alot alot alot of water because what that does is flushes everything out it works you should try it!

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