Zhi Hai Announces Emperor’s Walk on Chinese Radio Sat December 4 With Special Holiday Gift

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Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai Radio

Zhi Hai on her weekly radio broadcast

As most of you know I broadcast a special Feng Shui Radio show once a month. Since I may be very busy this holiday season and in preperation for the chinese New Year I wanted to be sure as many people as possible benefit from The Emperor’s Walk so I made a special holiday gift. Whoever wants to get the FREE customized map and the weekly walk details should request it by Tuesday midnight so I can get the maps out and the mailing lists done in time for my next scheduled mailing. If you want to send it to a friend or family member as a gift let me know and I will include a gift message from you.

Please, if you have any friends that can use good luck, good health and prosperity during this upcoming year send them this information.

I have gotten so much feedback this season thus far and all very positive.

It is so very apparent why the Emperor’s of China kept this information hidden from the public so long. But now it is available and I deeply encourage you all to take advantage.

Mail your name, email address and home address and what you desire (health, money, etc) to Emperorswalk@gmail.com and I will email the custom map, and weekly instructions. You have everything to gain.

Its a great gift for someone.

Happy Holiday and happy Chinese or American New Year.

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