Some Hints on Building Your Immune System This Flu Season

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Zhi Hai in Chinese is translated as “sea of knowledge”. I am not patting myself on my back but I have picked up much useful information, some “Chinese Secrets” and some simple guidance. So here are some very useful “anti Flu” season hints.

There is a product called Cordyceps sinensis made by Chang Gung Biotechnology which contains a root that is excellent for building the immune system. I take one a day as does my family.  This is called winter-worm (because of the shape of the root), summer grass. This herb only grows in certain climates in China. In Chinese history people did not know how good this was for humans but they did know that horses in this area were much larger and stronger than others. They realized that this herb was eaten by the horses. In China this herb is as expensive as gold. This herb basically supports your Kidney Yin and Yang balance. Most herbs support one or the other but this herb is so special it supports both. If you have strong Yin and Yang Kidney function your entire body gets strong. In autumn and wintertime Chinese nurture their lungs and kidney. This herb assists both and builds the immune system.

Zinc tablets will assist the body in absorbing vitamin C and we all know how good that is. Just don’t take more than the recommended dosage as it can interfere with the bodies absorption of  minerals including iron and copper.

Arginine is an amino acid that aids in preventing infection and building the immune system as is Coenzyme Q 10. If you are aging I believe Glutamine is also useful in increasing tissue concentrations that helps build loss of natural skin tissues.

Finally I strongly recommend that you start each day with a luke warm full glass of water which will initiate a soft digestive balance prior to eating.

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