Chinese “Secret” to Keeping The Flu and Cold Out During The Fall and Winter

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The big problem with winter colds is of course preventing getting an initial chill. The Chinese believe that the chill is caused  by allowing wind and or cold to enter open pores in the body THAT HAVE BECOME ACCUSTOMED TO BEING OPEN ALL SUMMER.

 We use ginger to prevent or reverse this. It literally drives the flu OUT of the body as compared to letting it IN. Before you get flu the best way to treat yourself is to slice fresh ginger and use odd number like 3, 5, 7, or 9 thin pieces. Then add the white part of a scallion even the roots but not the green part. Here use 3, 5, 7 or 9 pieces. These numbers belong to “Yang” which is a Chinese number for health. Finally add a teaspoon of red sugar, boil and drink it. After you drink this you will sweat. This is very good and will DRIVE the cold/flu out of your system. When you sweat be sure not to be exposed to wind because your pores will be open.

The key to many of the Chinese “tips” is the concept of balance. This home made remedy helps the body stay balanced during the initial cold period of fall/winter when the cold is trying to enter the body that has become used to warmer weather and more open “pores”.


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