Emperor’s Walk and Helping Those With Serious Health Conditions

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Emperors Walk has very positive effect on health

Many of my clients reach out to me to assist them in getting well. Some have serious health problems like Cancer. I do not want to treat this problem lightly. It is very serious for the person and their whole family. And I do not wish to suggest a “magic” cure. But I can say with certainty that two types of energy will assist the patient in recovering or improving the quality of their life.

The first is “outside” energy. Drawing as much energy from natures elements and the universe as possible. The Emperor’s Walk does exactly that and I strongly encourage anyone with a serious health issue to follow the walks for 15-20 minutes each day upon arising. Naturally check with your doctor to see that this is OK.

The second area is home FengShui. The above brief articles are about that. If your home is balanced, your Yin and Yang in a good flow and your external source of energy at the highest levels you have a much better chance of recovery.

Please share this information with anyone who you know is ill. I really want to help as many people as possible to get well and live a good life.