How to Understand Your House “Complexion” Before You Hire FengShui Master.

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If you want to use really deep FengShui knowledge to check your house FengShui, you need many years to study hard and many years theory and practice. There is, however some simple things you can do to better understand the basic “complexion” of your house or business before you ask professional FengShui Master. Here is an idea how you can first check your house complexion (its general condition in terms of health, wealth and happiness).

 See and Feel If Your House is Good Fortune or Bad Luck.

Even if it’s an old house it can look bright, and full of energy. This is probably a good luck house. Conversely, even a brand new house, when you look at it, gives you a tired and dull feeling, this kind of house is very bad energy house.

 When you enter into the house living room, even without people in there, you feel a happy feeling like it’s full of energy as though people were “living, talking and doing things” in the living room; this kind of house will bring you good fortune if you move in.

Feng Shui Good Complexion

(this is an example of good house complexion)

If you enter the house living room even with people there you feel a quite, lonely sad feeling this house belongs to bad FengShui. The trick is to trust your feelings and be aware of them truthfully.  

Some Examples

Case Study 1: New Jersey-USA

Example of Bad Feng Shui House Complexion

I have one client in NJ, who has many people in the house, parents and kids. While I sit in their house living room the house is so quite like no people stay there. It is definitely wrong FengShui. The couple moved to a big house in a good area because they want their kids to get the best education. Once they move in they lost their job and are still struggling. Even doing their own business does not work. Their house had bad FengShui and they needed help. Sometimes this requires some changes.

Case Study 2 Queens NY

I have another client in Queens in NY. When house wife and I sit there, the whole house is so quite, like no people ever come in. Her husband just died and left 2 children behind. It is apparent to me from simply asking some questions that there is something wrong with the house FengShui. I hope to be able to help her and her children.

Case Study 3-Business Location : Note: Example not actual client’s restaurant

The same is true of business buildings. A few days ago, one woman call me from New York City. She says, she just put over $200K to open a restaurant. Some money from her savings and some borrowed. 

Since her grand opening, her businesses income is not covering the cost of doing business even in week one. Her chef, waiter and waitress said: “If this situation stay longer, we need quit.”

When she called me, the first sentence she said was: ” When clients walk in, they say my restaurant is clean and neat. The food is good. but once they go, they never come back. What is going on here? my neighbor’s restaurant is messy and dirty, but they are always busy. I stand in the front door and give people menus, half block later, they throw them in the trash. What’s wrong here ZhiHai Master?” 

“Listen to me and tell me how do you feel? Sit in your restaurant quietly, feel your surroundings. Then tell me your feeling. And answer my question. Is it quiet like no people are here or it is noisy like so many people are here.” 

After a while she answered: it is so quiet and lonely 

That is the reason! She listened to her feelings truthfully.   

When a building is in a certain direction, there is no energy to come inside. So you have the feeling like everybody does-lonely and dull. Most people are unaware of their true feelings so the never realize why they don’t come back. They just don’t.  
 When you meet people, first thing you can feel is another person’s energy. So some time you will say: “You look great. Or you look so tired. Or sad.” 

The same instincts are true when you buy or rent a building. At that time you focus on the location and the potential prize. You think with your head. Not your basic instinct and understanding of the energy around you. 

 The one important thing you forget to ask: Do I feel energy and happiness in this building?


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