The Importance of 11/11/11 on Romance and Feng Shui

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From a Feng Shui point of view, today is the international single’s day. Because there are so many 1’s and many believe romantic luck is directly related to numerology. Feng Shui is also directly but more scientifically related to the importance of numbers.

If you are single, think about what kind of life you want in the future. To still remain single or end your single life.

If you still want to be single, try to take advantage and decide to have a great single life. If you have been dating for long time, how about just going for it and getting engaged or married today.

If you want to end your single life, try to live with someone who is just for you, and if you don’t know who to choose. Here are some Feng Shui Chinese astrological tips for you. ( you can see what sign you are in the chart above). If you want to increase your good fortune you should the Emperors walk if you are not yet. This has helped many people improve their luck in many areas of their lives and is based on knowledge passed on from every Emperor of China for the last 5,000 years.

Here is BAD partner match:

  • Rabbit—Rooster
  • Rat—Horse
  • Cow—Sheep
  • Tiger—Monkey
  • Dragon—Dog
  • Snake—Pig.

Here are VERY good matches:

  • Rat—Cow
  • Tiger—Pig
  • Rabbit—Dog
  • Dragon—Rooster
  • Snake—Monkey
  • Horse—Sheep

Here are good partnership matches:

  • Monkey—Rat—Dragon
  • Snake—Rooster—Cow
  • Tiger—Horse—Dog
  • Pig—Rabbit—Sheep

For example:

One person’s zodiac is Rooster, when He(she) looks for partner. Best choice is Dragon. 2nd choice is Snake or Cow. Worst choice is Rabbit.

It is also good for your daily life organization.

Generally speaking you can use the below information to get an overview of basic Zodiac information based on your sign but always pay more attention to Todays Auspicious Day Info.

  • Zodiac rat: avoid horse day and horse hour 11am—1pm (DLS 12pm—2pm)
  • Zodiac cow: avoid sheep day and sheep hour 1pm—3pm(DLS 2pm—4pm)
  • Zodiac Tiger: avoid Monkey day and monkey hour 3pm—5pm (DLS 4pm—6pm)
  • Zodiac Rabbit: avoid rooster day and rooster hour 5pm—7pm (DLS 6pm—8pm)
  • Zodiac dragon: avoid dog day and dog hour 7pm—9pm (DLS 8pm –10pm)
  • Zodiac snake: avoid pig day and pig hour 9pm—11pm (10pm –12 am)
  • Zodiac horse: avoid rat day and rat hour 12am—1am. 11pm—12am (DLS 12am—2am)
  • Zodiac sheep: avoid cow day and cow hour 1am—3am (DLS 2am—4am)
  • Zodiac monkey: avoid tiger day and tiger hour 3am—5am (DLS 4am—6am)
  • Zodiac rooster: avoid rabbit day and rabbit hour 5am—7am (DLS 6am—8am)
  • Zodiac dog: avoid dragon day and Dragon hour 7am—9am (DLS 8am—10am)
  • Zodiac pig: avoid snake day and snake hour 9am—11am (DLS 10am—12pm)


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