Flu Prevention in Cold Season from Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai Advice

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Flu and Cold Prevention- Why Zhi Hai gives advice like this

Several decades ago a monk in China named me Zhi Hai. I have tried to live up to that wonderful name ever since. It stands for “Sea of Knowledge”. I will be blogging in english various subjects that I think will be of interest to my readers. Some will involve indoor Feng Shui, Outdoor Feng Shui, Business Feng Shui or simply general knowledge that will improve your live, improve your health and your wealth.

Health Tips in Winter: How To Prevent Colds and the Flu

In the winter the air is very dry. As a result your breathing system, nose and lungs become dry and develop “micro” cuts. Your system is very vulnerable to viruses and colds.

To prevent colds and flu is very simple, Drink lots of liquids, Use a humidifier especially where you sleep. If you feel your nose is cut from dryness moisterize it with a saline spray or wet a washcloth and wash around your nose frequently.

Cold and Flu Prevention when Outdoors

When outdoors the cold air will also dry your sytem out. Wear a simple allergy mask found in most drugstores (the ones that make you look like a doctor that loop over your ears) when walking or exercising ourtdoors. this will maintain moisture and protect against any viruses

Winter colds can also be prevented by eating boiled radish. This is not the ususual small radishes you buy in the local market. They are large 10″ long and 4-5″ in diameter white radish you can find in most Chinese groceries. Cut them into small chunks the size of an acorn and boil them with your favorite soup. They should have the consistency of a boiled egg when they are ready. Chinese remedies say “Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer” . Anyone who has been to China knows it can get very cold and we have become experts at simple, home cold and flu prevention.

Sleep is very important and it is said that the immune system is most active during early hours of sleep. Turn off the TV and get some sleep before 11PM.

These simple tips are inexpensive cold remedy and cold prevention tips and will help keep you from having to go to the doctor.

I look forward to sharing more information with you.

Enjoy your Feng Shui Day.

Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai.

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