Suggestion for today-2/10/2017

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The weather is getting cold and it’s important to take several simple precautions to stay healthy. First, every morning drink a full glass of warm water (not hot and definitely not cold). This will get your inner Yang energy going. Next, Lamb is an excellent meal during cold weather. If you have an important event coming up be sure to check your Auspicious day. It is always best to plan in advance because these days have real importance.  Sleep early, get up late. It’s like a tree or animal that hibernates during the winter. Let your cells follow the nature energy.  This way when spring comes your body will be ready and full of energy.

The Emperor’s Walk is the most effective way to optimize the universe’s maximum energy into your life. Take a look at how easy it is to do on the home page of this site. Also in springtime when you get up be sure to have warm/hot cup of water before you go outside to increase your Yang energy. Think of yourself as a flower blooming. You need water, sun and fresh air. Yang energy keeps you young and active. Avoid cold water during this critical growth period.

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