Special TaiSui Fu Bracelets For Good Luck. Happy 2022 New Year. Call for guidance before New Year.

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Many people have asked me for a simple, elegant “Good Fortune” bracelet that they can wear every day. Most of my friends and clients know I customize beautiful pieces for them. This piece is especially simple and easy to wear daily for good luck. Feel free to call or email me for details at ZhiHaiFS@hotmail.com or 646-271-6868.

I wish all of our friends across the world who Celebrate New Year’s today much happiness, prosperity, abundance, and especially GOOD HEALTH.

Every day I offer prayers for these things for all the world and especially our followers. Please do the Emperors Walk starting as soon as possible. It helps keep you SAFE in these difficult times of illness and economic stress.

So many people have expressed how it has helped them get through 2021. Let’s all get well, prosper, be full of abundance and love.

My promise is that every day I can I will pray for all of you and a better, peaceful, love-filled life. In my annual meditation retreat, we offer so much energy to the world. Our teachers have inspired us and helped us defend ourselves health wise and piecewise. Feel free to reach out to me anytime ay ZhiHaiFS@hotmail.com.

Happy New Year(s).

Best wishes.

Feng Shui Master ZhiHai (also known as ZeeHi)

More Information is easily available

To get more information or adjust your 2021 FengShui layout or to get a New TaiSui Fu to replace last year’s TaiSui Fu, send away last year’s TaiSui Fu. Instructions regarding how to use TaiSui Fu or additional instructions regarding hiding from TaiSui Clash, TaiSui bracelet, etc., please contact Zeehi by email here or call 646-271-6868

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SPECIAL NOTE: Many of my clients have expressed a desire for a special TaiSui bracelet. I have made up two versions of a bracelet for them. One is a woman’s in Amber color the other in Black onyx color. They come in a LUCKY “Money Frog” bag. Please feel free to call me regarding these.2022 taisui bracelet-2022 Men and woman taisui bracelet-600-3
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