2022-Year of the Tiger-The Importance of the TaiSui Fu- Especially this year… 2022 虎年如何化解太岁?

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2022 虎年如何化解太岁?

The saying goes: “When TaiSui Clash” comes to your life, beware, troubles may follow”.

What does this mean?

In Chinese culture, TaiSui is the Devine Energy of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Depending on a person’s birthday they may be in harmony with the TaiSui spirit or they may be in conflict. This changes every year on the New Year. If your birthdate is in Harmony that is wonderful for you. If it is in conflict than it is wise to take certain protective steps.


在2022年来临之际,如果你本人的属相为“虎,猴,蛇,猪”的叫犯太岁。其中,属相“虎,猴”冲犯太岁最为严重。请切记”请太岁符” 和 “太岁符手链”来化解。

Each person’s birthday indicates their own certain kind of energy.

“For certain people born under some of the signs mentioned below you should pay special attention to your health, wealth (money) and happiness”.

TaiSui energy is so important. With 2022 coming, be especially alert if your sign is Tiger, MonkeySnake, or Pig.  These 4 signs are in conflict with 2022 TaiSui Energy. Especially, Zodiac signs “Tiger and Monkey”.

Carry the TaiSui Fu with you.

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2021 TaiSui Fu Year of the Ox (Cow)Some people carry a specially designed and powerful symbolic TaiSui Fu in their wallet or purse and place the TaiSui Fu in the Tai Sui direction which is Northeast close to North. Remember, get the “TaiSui Fu” to convert the TaiSui “Clash” energy to “Positive” energy.

And you can wear TaiSui Fu Bracelet ( for women and men) everywhere you go. See the attached picture.

Especially in 2022. COVID-19  is spreading globally and the medical industry has not been able to prevent the fast and widespread thus far. We all need as much help as we can get. Because of this great turmoil in the world situation, we each should get “TaiSui Fu”  and “TaiSui Fu Bracelet” to get highly energized with compatible energy from 2022 Tai Sui. This is particularly important.

Each TaiSui Fu is amended with select information for the recipient. Therefore it is important to follow the instructions below regarding sending an email to me so I may place the correct information on the TaiSui Fu.

Even if you do not have a 2022 Tai Sui “Clash” of your energy, it is best to have “TaiSui Fu” and “TaiSui Fu Bracelet” blessings to protect yourself and your family. Remember: three-dimensional problems require higher dimension information and energy to solve.

Send an Email with the following information to me at ZhiHaifs@hotmail.com.



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If you want to get “TaiSui Fu” and “TaiSui Fu Bracelet” please contact ZeeHi office  646-271-6868;  Email: Zhihaifs@hotmail.com and please include your name, birthday, and address.  

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