2013 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs

Zodiac Predictions Videos

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Share/Bookmark My 2013 zodiac sign predictions and advice follows. The video interview was with Cable TV Host Don Wong. If you want to determine what zodiac animal sign you are look it up on the table below the videos.  They are the most accurate published definition of Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs. Note to my Chinese Clients. See my Chinese site at http://2013fengshuiandbirthdayreading.blogspot.com/ The following videos took place in late February between TV Cable...

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Flu Prevention in Cold Season from Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai Advice

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Share/BookmarkFlu and Cold Prevention- Why Zhi Hai gives advice like this Several decades ago a monk in China named me Zhi Hai. I have tried to live up to that wonderful name ever since. It stands for “Sea of Knowledge”. I will be blogging in english various subjects that I think will be of interest to my readers. Some will involve indoor Feng Shui, Outdoor Feng Shui, Business Feng Shui or simply general knowledge that will improve your live, improve your...

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Mr. Xie Finds His Dream Job

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Share/Bookmark We have a wide variety of people that have tried The Emperor’s Walk and are benefiting from it substantially. Here are just of few of the many things people say about us. If the person speaks only Chinese we provide English subtitles. Mr. Xie had been having trouble finding a job for a very long time. He tried the Emperor’s Walk and found one almost immediately. Hear him in his own words. Enjoy and share your experiences with...

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July 4th… The Country’s celebration and The Emperor’s Walk celebration

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Share/BookmarkWhat an amazing coincidence. Today is our countires birthday AND………………….   Today is the Emperor’s Walk 365th daily post. Happy birthday Emperor’s Walk Website! I encourage everyone of you to try this outdoor Feng Shui practice to gain the most power in your daily power walks. I hope you all enjoy so much the celebrations, beaches, forests, friends, families and Bar-B-Q’s during this very special...

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The Importance of 11/11/11 on Romance and Feng Shui

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Share/BookmarkFrom a Feng Shui point of view, today is the international single’s day. Because there are so many 1’s and many believe romantic luck is directly related to numerology. Feng Shui is also directly but more scientifically related to the importance of numbers. If you are single, think about what kind of life you want in the future. To still remain single or end your single life. If you still want to be single, try to take advantage and decide to have...

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How to Understand Your House “Complexion” Before You Hire FengShui Master.

How to Understand Your House “Complexion” Before You Hire FengShui Master.

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Share/BookmarkIf you want to use really deep FengShui knowledge to check your house FengShui, you need many years to study hard and many years theory and practice. There is, however some simple things you can do to better understand the basic “complexion” of your house or business before you ask professional FengShui Master. Here is an idea how you can first check your house complexion (its general condition in terms of health, wealth and happiness).  See...

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